A visit to the one of the oldest monasteries in the world.The monastery is at the foot of Mount S, and can be taken as solely St. Catherines or with a combined trip of Mount Sinai. Here you will see the Burning Bush, and this is the site that is embellished in century's of history. You will visit the Church of St. Catherines, with its many artworks and mosaics. In the library of the monastery there are many many manuscripts and scrolls.Even if you are not here for the religious history of Egypt, you will never experience this in any other part of the world. Many tourists take photographs of the site of the burning bush,and the day is filled with centuries of history. Lunch is taken in a restaurant in the area. Mid afternoon you leave St. Catherines and return to your hotel via Dahab, and do a spot of shopping. Any guests booking this trip will be given more in depth details of the monastery in advance should they wishDeparture time is around 7am, and return mid afternoon.

Trip operates Saturdays, Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

( Passport needed )